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Where to wear 1

Warm weather is an invitation to dress your best in fresh, new outfits wherever you may be going. Keeping cool while staying chic won’t be a problem with these mood-boosting, colorful pieces. Whether you’re heading out for brunch with the family, high tea with your girlfriends, or an al fresco dinner, Stree has got you covered.

The Box Pleat Midi Skirt

A midi skirt is universally flattering. With its large box pleats and intricate hand stitched dori embroidery that curls throughout the buttercup yellow fabric, this flared midi skirt is perfect for mornings at the park before heading to brunch. Don’t be afraid to match bright colors together- yellow goes with a lot more than just black and white. A turquoise blouse is a bold combination that works wonderfully well together for an eye-catching look, and if you’re looking to let the skirt stand out, why not opt for a darker burgundy strappy top? Balance your silhouette with a tighter fit on the bodice to accentuate your waist the the flare that the skirt gives.

Pair your fresh new outfit with statement rings by themselves, or wear them together with thin layering rings for a trendy combination. The stunning mother of pearl ring by Linjer echoes the creamy notes of the floral dori embroidery with its classic lustre, and the gold raw emerald ring by Indie & Harper is a lovely bohemian piece to add texture and a pop of colour.

Strappy shoes are a great way to accentuate the pattern of the embroidery and finish off the outfit. The white crossover ties and chic wooden heel of Senso’s Venice heel is a super versatile piece, and gold leather sandals from Schutz are super cute with their silky fringe tassels.

The Luxe Silk Peplum Top

A high waist, wide-legged pair of white palazzo pants will pose a crisp, clean figure while elongating your silhouette. Wear it with a fashionable pair of woven rattan mules from Paige for a little bit of texture and some botanical inspired jewelry like these beautifully crafted ombre petal earrings from Jennifer Behr.

A slick of glossy lipstick with a fitted pencil skirt in crepe will juxtapose the textures throughout your outfit, showing off the natural shine of the silk organza and bringing it further into the spotlight. A sleek silhouette on the bottom allows the flare of the peplum to really stand out, especially with its delicate pom-pom trim. A touch of playfulness in these candy-colored hoops by Sylvia Toledano add character and fun to your freshness..

The Open Slit Embroidered Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are effortlessly stylish, especially this cobalt blue dream fashioned in lustrous viscose crepe. Throw it on with its accompanying twisted cord belt with a chic pair of high cut suede sandals from Schutz and you’re good to go for a summer night’s date. Don’t forget the earrings though. These baroque pearl hoops from Monica Vinader are perfectly organic and accentuate the intricate lines of the dori embroidery on the bodice of the dress. The artisanal form of this heritage embroidery is best matched with natural materials and their ubiquitous shine to elevate the entire outfit.

You can also wear this maxi dress as an open robe over a fitted one-piece, like a cute romper or a classic bustier jumpsuit. Let the tiered skirt flare out behind you as you make your way into the restaurant and don’t mind it if you turn heads.  The dangling glass charms of the psychedelic hoops from Brink & Eliza will complete the look, especially if you’re in that jumpsuit we were talking about. Finish it off your sparkling night with some texture on the feet with the glittering Penny Knot mules from Loeffler Randall.

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Size Guidelines

Size Chart

S - 016312434
S - 216.5322534.75
M - 417332635.5
M - 617.5342736.5
L - 818352937.5
L - 1018.5363038.5
XL - 1219373139.5
XL - 142038.53342
S - 040.7578.756186.25
S - 24281.2563.588.25
M - 4 43.2583.756690.25
M - 644.586.2568.592.75
L - 845.758973.7595.25
L -104791.576.2597.75
XL - 1248.259478.75100.25
XL -1450.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 4 016312434
S - 6216.5322534.75
M - 8417332635.5
M - 10617.5342736.5
L - 12818352937.5
L - 141018.5363038.5
XL - 161219373139.5
XL - 18142038.53342
S - 4040.7578.756186.25
S - 624281.2563.588.25
M - 8443.2583.756690.25
M - 10644.586.2568.592.75
L - 12845.758973.7595.25
L - 14104791.576.2597.75
XL - 161248.259478.75100.25
XL - 181450.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 03616312434
S - 23816.5322534.75
M - 44017332635.5
M - 64217.5342736.5
L - 84418352937.5
L - 104618.5363038.5
XL - 124819373139.5
XL - 14502038.53342
S - 03640.7578.756186.25
S - 2384281.2563.588.25
M - 44043.2583.756690.25
M - 64244.586.2568.592.75
L - 84445.758973.7595.25
L - 10464791.576.2597.75
XL - 124848.259478.75100.25
XL - 145050.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 03216312434
S - 23416.5322534.75
M - 43617332635.5
M - 63817.5342736.5
L - 84018352937.5
L - 104218.5363038.5
XL - 124419373139.5
XL - 14462038.53342
S - 03240.7578.756186.25
S - 2344281.2563.588.25
M - 43643.2583.756690.25
M - 63844.586.2568.592.75
L - 84045.758973.7595.25
L - 10424791.576.2597.75
XL - 124448.259478.75100.25
XL - 144650.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 0416312434
S - 2616.5322534.75
M - 4817332635.5
M - 61017.5342736.5
L - 81218352937.5
L - 101418.5363038.5
XL - 121619373139.5
XL - 14182038.53342
S - 0440.7578.756186.25
S - 264281.2563.588.25
M - 4843.2583.756690.25
M - 61044.586.2568.592.75
L - 81245.758973.7595.25
L - 10144791.576.2597.75
XL - 121648.259478.75100.25
XL - 141850.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 0316312434
S - 2516.5322534.75
M - 4717332635.5
M - 6917.5342736.5
L - 81118352937.5
L - 101318.5363038.5
XL - 121519373139.5
XL - 14172038.53342
S - 0340.7578.756186.25
S - 254281.2563.588.25
M - 4743.2583.756690.25
M - 6944.586.2568.592.75
L - 81145.758973.7595.25
L - 10134791.576.2597.75
XL - 121548.259478.75100.25
XL - 141750.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 00150/76A16312434
S - 22150/76A16.5322534.75
M - 44155/80A17332635.5
M - 66165/84A17.5342736.5
L -88165/88A18352937.5
L - 1010170/92A18.5363038.5
XL - 1212175/96A19373139.5
XL - 1414180/100A2038.53342
S - 00150/76A40.7578.756186.25
S - 22150/76A4281.2563.588.25
M - 44155/80A43.2583.756690.25
M - 66165/84A44.586.2568.592.75
L - 88165/88A45.758973.7595.25
L - 1010170/92A4791.576.2597.75
XL -1212175/96A48.259478.75100.25
XL - 1414180/100A50.7597.7583.75106.75

How to measure: Use a tape measure with cm/inches. Wear underwear or very thin clothes for accurate measurements.

1. Chest: Measure your chest under your arms, holding tape level. Be sure to cross over the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your chest.

2. Waist: Measure your natural waist where your body has the smallest circumference.

3. Width at waist band: Measure your waist where the waist band will be sitting between the natural waist and the hip.

4. Hip: Measure your hip around the fullest part.

5. In seam length: Measure from the crotch to your desired trouser length. Or use a pair of trousers that fits you well, measure from the top of the inner leg seam to the hem at the bottom of the leg.

6. Sleeve length: Use a jacket that fits well around the shoulders. Stand with the arm relaxed down the side of your body. Measure from the top of the shoulder seam, let the tape measure follow the outside of the sleeve to the desired length of the sleeve.

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