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Frequently Asked Questions

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Placing an order

To make purchases on Stree eBoutique you do not need to register; however, we suggest you create an account to access exclusive areas and services dedicated to our customers.

Item search and Selection

To easily browse our catalog, select a category from the navigation menu or browse our selections on the homepage. To find something more specific, use our filters or the website search option.

Product Information: On each product page, you will find all available sizes and colors, a description and the composition of the item. Click on the product image to zoom in and see all of the details.

How to order

  1. From the item page, select the desired color and size of the product
  2. Add the product to your Cart
  3. Once you have finished shopping, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button in your Shopping Bag
  4. Enter your email and your shipping address
  5. Select a shipping and a payment method

Check that the information you entered is correct and click “Purchase Now”

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after with the details of your order. From this moment on, our warehouse will take care of everything and as soon as the order ships, we will notify you with another confirmation email.

If you experience any difficulties, please send any inquiries to support@meetstree.com or call us at 1-844-55-STREE

To place an order off-line, please make note of the item number and description of each item you wish to purchase. Then, call 1-844-55-STREE to speak to one of our customer service representatives.

The size shown on the item’s label is indicated on every Product Page. To search for the size that will fit you the best, Please follow our measuring guide to accurately measure yourself. Then use our Size Chart to find the right size based on your body measurements. Our size chart is international and specific for certain countries and continents.

Once the order has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Cancellations must be made prior to shipping dispatch, which is typically 24 to 48 hours after the order has been confirmed. If you wish to cancel your order during that time frame, please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-844-55-STREE.

Shipping & Payments


Free Shipping8-10 Business Days
Premium Shipping1-3 Business Days
Priority Shipping2-5 Business Days

* Standard delivery is available for all U.S. addresses. APO/FPO military address deliveries arrive within 8-10 business days via USPS.

** Priority & Premium deliveries are not available for P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO military addresses, and other certain areas our parcel carriers cannot reach.

Please note: “Business day” refers to Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Premium requested on Fridays is not available for Saturday arrival.

We can use premium modes of logistics to expedite delivery at an extra cost. 

Premium Shipping (1-3 Business Days)
Priority Shipping (2-5 Business Days)

** Priority & Premium deliveries are not available for P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO military addresses, and other certain areas our parcel carriers cannot reach.

Please note: “Business day” refers to Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Premium requested on Fridays is not available for Saturday arrival.

Currently, we only accept orders within the United States, however we are open to opportunities around the world. Please contact us by email support@meetstree.com or call us at 1-844-55-STREE  if you would like to inquire about cross-country delivery possibilities.

Once the order has been placed, we will send you a confirmation email. If you wish to check on the status of your order, you can call us at 1-844-55-STREE from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST, or email us at support@meetstree.com. We will respond within 24 hours.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

We strive to resolve any payment errors, so please contact our team by filling out our contact form, or calling 1-844-55-STREE. We will diagnose the issue and have the payment processed in no time. Rest assured your order and money is safe.

Returns & Exchange

All Stree merchandise purchased online must be returned directly to www.Meetstree.com and not to any retail stores. We are unable to accept any returns for items bought in a retail store or on another website.

We are happy to honor any exchanges/returns as long as:

  • The item being exchanged/returned is in new condition and accompanied by the original invoice.
  • The new item you wish to exchange for is of equal or greater value than the item being returned.
  • Your exchange/return request must be made within 7 days of receipt.

Stree wants you to be completely satisfied with your online purchases. If for any reason you are not, please email our customer service department at support@meetstree.com or call 1-844-55-STREE to obtain a Return Authorization Number. In order to issue your Return Authorization Number, we will need the following information:

  1. Your email, contact information and/or fax.
  2. The item number & description of the merchandise being returned/exchanged.
  3. The original invoice number (found at the top of your receipt).

Your Return Authorization Number and the address of where to return the item(s) will be issued via email. (Or by phone if necessary). All items must be unused and returned in the same condition as sent. Once we have approved and received your return, we will process your exchange/refund within 7 business days.

You may ship your return as soon as you have received your Return Authorization Number (see above). For your protection, please send all returns via a traceable carrier and in a well-padded box or envelope. We cannot be responsible for returns that are lost or damaged during return shipping. All costs related to return shipping are paid by the customer.

In cases where merchandise arrives damaged or defective, we will gladly replace the item and take care of all additional shipping charges related to the return. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the damaged package. Make sure to obtain your Return Authorization Number by emailing our customer service department at support@meetstree.com, or calling 1-844-55-STREE. We will not be able to process any returns/replacements without this number.

  • Once you receive your return authorization number and exchange credit amount, please return the item along with a note detailing the exchange. Your replacement item(s) will be processed upon receipt.
  • After we receive your exchange, an email will be sent out to confirm your order and the new balance or credit due. This will include any price difference between the exchanged items, possible taxes and shipping costs. The balance or credit will be issued in the same form it was received.
  • Your exchange will not be shipped until we have received full payment for this balance.

About Stree

Stree is a luxury womenswear brand. At Stree, our mission is to create luxurious garments that make women feel confident and feminine. We see clothing as our armor, as an extension of our womanhood. We design each piece with that mind, creating flattering shapes to accentuate a woman’s features and allow her shine in her highest light.

Stree was born during Navratri, an Indian festival that honors and celebrates women empowerment. This is a 9-day long festival and every day, an incarnation of goddess Durga, Goddess of strength and protection, is worshipped.

Stree is distinguished by bold designs, exquisite earth-friendly fabrics, rich colors and beautiful and intricate hand-detailing with superior craftsmanship. We believe in quality, we adore details, and the emotions created by these elements, because a powerful product inspires positive transformations in everyone. 

Stree is an environmentally and socially conscious company. At Stree, our clothing is made the slow-fashion way. Our raw materials are sustainably sourced and utmost care is taken to ensure that no life is harmed in the process of creating these beautiful ethical garments made with an intent to make the owner proud of wearing them. We take utmost care of our makers, minimize textile waste, pay fair living wages and honor our people and planet with each garment we create.

Stree uses luxurious and high quality fabrics like Silk, Silk blends, Cotton, Viscose etc. and we pay as much attention to the quality and feel of the lining fabric as we do with the shell. Each fabric undergoes rigorous test to ensure that highest quality standards have been met. Stree uses exotic fabrics, like Chanderi silk that;s been used in the debut collection. Chanderi silk is a lightweight fabric known for its luxurious and soft handfeel. It is produced in its namesake town where centuries-old techniques are used in its weaving processes. Its subtle sheen and transparency have earned its title of “woven air”, a nod to how light it can be. Every fabric that we use has a story, and we aim to tell the story from every garment that we manufacture.

Each of our garments are made individually by experienced craftsmen, ensuring that the quality of construction is at its highest every step of the way. Utmost care is taken to steam and press every single seam and check every stitch during the 14-to-16-hour process of making each piece.  

Size Guidelines

Size Chart

S - 016312434
S - 216.5322534.75
M - 417332635.5
M - 617.5342736.5
L - 818352937.5
L - 1018.5363038.5
XL - 1219373139.5
XL - 142038.53342
S - 040.7578.756186.25
S - 24281.2563.588.25
M - 4 43.2583.756690.25
M - 644.586.2568.592.75
L - 845.758973.7595.25
L -104791.576.2597.75
XL - 1248.259478.75100.25
XL -1450.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 4 016312434
S - 6216.5322534.75
M - 8417332635.5
M - 10617.5342736.5
L - 12818352937.5
L - 141018.5363038.5
XL - 161219373139.5
XL - 18142038.53342
S - 4040.7578.756186.25
S - 624281.2563.588.25
M - 8443.2583.756690.25
M - 10644.586.2568.592.75
L - 12845.758973.7595.25
L - 14104791.576.2597.75
XL - 161248.259478.75100.25
XL - 181450.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 03616312434
S - 23816.5322534.75
M - 44017332635.5
M - 64217.5342736.5
L - 84418352937.5
L - 104618.5363038.5
XL - 124819373139.5
XL - 14502038.53342
S - 03640.7578.756186.25
S - 2384281.2563.588.25
M - 44043.2583.756690.25
M - 64244.586.2568.592.75
L - 84445.758973.7595.25
L - 10464791.576.2597.75
XL - 124848.259478.75100.25
XL - 145050.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 03216312434
S - 23416.5322534.75
M - 43617332635.5
M - 63817.5342736.5
L - 84018352937.5
L - 104218.5363038.5
XL - 124419373139.5
XL - 14462038.53342
S - 03240.7578.756186.25
S - 2344281.2563.588.25
M - 43643.2583.756690.25
M - 63844.586.2568.592.75
L - 84045.758973.7595.25
L - 10424791.576.2597.75
XL - 124448.259478.75100.25
XL - 144650.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 0416312434
S - 2616.5322534.75
M - 4817332635.5
M - 61017.5342736.5
L - 81218352937.5
L - 101418.5363038.5
XL - 121619373139.5
XL - 14182038.53342
S - 0440.7578.756186.25
S - 264281.2563.588.25
M - 4843.2583.756690.25
M - 61044.586.2568.592.75
L - 81245.758973.7595.25
L - 10144791.576.2597.75
XL - 121648.259478.75100.25
XL - 141850.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 0316312434
S - 2516.5322534.75
M - 4717332635.5
M - 6917.5342736.5
L - 81118352937.5
L - 101318.5363038.5
XL - 121519373139.5
XL - 14172038.53342
S - 0340.7578.756186.25
S - 254281.2563.588.25
M - 4743.2583.756690.25
M - 6944.586.2568.592.75
L - 81145.758973.7595.25
L - 10134791.576.2597.75
XL - 121548.259478.75100.25
XL - 141750.7597.7583.75106.75
S - 00150/76A16312434
S - 22150/76A16.5322534.75
M - 44155/80A17332635.5
M - 66165/84A17.5342736.5
L -88165/88A18352937.5
L - 1010170/92A18.5363038.5
XL - 1212175/96A19373139.5
XL - 1414180/100A2038.53342
S - 00150/76A40.7578.756186.25
S - 22150/76A4281.2563.588.25
M - 44155/80A43.2583.756690.25
M - 66165/84A44.586.2568.592.75
L - 88165/88A45.758973.7595.25
L - 1010170/92A4791.576.2597.75
XL -1212175/96A48.259478.75100.25
XL - 1414180/100A50.7597.7583.75106.75

How to measure: Use a tape measure with cm/inches. Wear underwear or very thin clothes for accurate measurements.

1. Chest: Measure your chest under your arms, holding tape level. Be sure to cross over the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your chest.

2. Waist: Measure your natural waist where your body has the smallest circumference.

3. Width at waist band: Measure your waist where the waist band will be sitting between the natural waist and the hip.

4. Hip: Measure your hip around the fullest part.

5. In seam length: Measure from the crotch to your desired trouser length. Or use a pair of trousers that fits you well, measure from the top of the inner leg seam to the hem at the bottom of the leg.

6. Sleeve length: Use a jacket that fits well around the shoulders. Stand with the arm relaxed down the side of your body. Measure from the top of the shoulder seam, let the tape measure follow the outside of the sleeve to the desired length of the sleeve.

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